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Alpha Solar is a New Zealand owned and operated company at the forefront of Solar Heating technology.

The cost of our energy bills in New Zealand have soared due to the diminishing resources of fossil fuels and undersized hydro power plants. By changing to solar powered water heating you can reduce your energy bills considerably and contribute to less C02 emissions, imagine if all New Zealanders bought a solar water heater , collectively power consumption would reduce by an estimated 40% across the board.

ALPHA Solar has gone to great lengths to source the finest quality vacuum tube solar collector from Italian solar manufacturer KLOBEN , the very best of efforts have been made to supply a cost effective and reliable solar water heating system that is super efficient and above all super safe.

The Alpha KT "closed loop" solar water heating system offered by ALPHA Solar is the very best design of its kind that integrates a fully automated auxiliary heating control via the ultra intelligent Alpha solar controller , its simple…set , forget and enjoy technology.


If your looking to solar heat your swimming pool you can't go pass the Alpha-Oku solar pool panel, suffice to say it is another quality European product from German pool panel manufacturer OKU , this unique product means that you only need ½ the surface area of solar bank because the Alpha-Oku panel has a 1:2 ratio… this means for every 2m2 of pool surface area only 1m2 of Alpha-Oku is needed…. other systems offer a minimum 1:1 ratio

Alpha Solar has agent/installers spread New Zealand wide and offer 25 years plus experience of plumbing , Solar water heating , Underfloor or Radiator space heating and swimming pool heating , so please if you have a heating system in mind and your'e not sure whether it will work or not , give Alpha Energy a call …we will make it work ,we are more than happy to help you.

Why not be prepared for the future, and click here for the free quotation service and see for yourself how efficient and cost effective solar heating can be for you.

I hope you enjoy the information from this site , if you have any constructive opinions that would make this site more helpful to you and others then they would be welcomed.

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